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  1. Product was very much suitable to our child’s project work as well as definitely it has given a hands on experience increasing the practical knowledge of our child.
    Secondly we appreciate the service rendered by your team in delivering the product well within the requested date.

  2. Great buying experience & excellent customer support when contacted. Items are really happy learning for kids.

  3. Excellent working models, made so simple for understanding by small children. The best part is that these models can be built by the children themselves. There is a detailed note on the working of the models too. Affordable price makes it more attractive to buy. Keep up your good work👍

  4. It is good… But can be made better.
    On every page you have left some space for notes. This is not useful. This part should be removed. And the content should be enlarged to fit A3 size book. Currently the fonts are small and it is a little stressful to read.

  5. Your courier partner too Inresponsible…They Never tried to deliver the item to us…. always given fake reason. Even I also order from Amazon but again this is same reason..if your courier partner don’t want to deliver why you recommending for future…just throw out them..

  6. Usually, my son, Sriteja, is averse to Home Tasks. But, he was eagerly looking forward to the daily tasks given by the facilitators. I’m curious to see how he takes this learning into the real world.
    The facilitators of the Session have succeeded in tying the kids down to the Core of the Session. Kudos to the team behind the Design of this Innovative Thinking Session!

  7. I placed an order from US to send the kit to my nieces as their birthday gift. There was no option for making payment from US. Upon reaching out to the team, they quickly made it possible. I had couple of questions on the delivery as the shipment was stuck in COVID red zone. My questions were addressed promptly. The product was shipped on time. It was stuck at the courier office. The team notified me about the status of the shipment. My sister in law picked it up from the courier office. I am happy with the service. Email is the best way to reach out to the customer service. I did not get response on WhatsApp.

  8. Very very useful for students to learn theory and concepts through piratical. Students never forgot the concept after did these kinds of projest. Thanks for the Team to making unique product for student.

  9. Excellent science experiments for our 7 year old son, he was very happy and Keen to perform these experiments. Especially the Vacuum cleaner and the shooting car experiment. He liked & enjoyed.

  10. Lakshmikanth S

    Even though product is good and worth every penny . I have not yet received my product

  11. Website need a lot improvement, no order tracking details, difficult to reach my account. Customer care number always bell forwarding to some other number and that too not completing call

  12. Vasudevan C Shivakumar

    I received the two boxes of items a week back. Received the package in good condition.

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