Small Town, State Board School

See how a Small Town, State Board School –Transformed learning from Rote to Real?

This is about a well known & sought after school in a Tier 3 town in Karnataka. The school is a well run, 15years old, with Karnataka State Board affiliation. It has over 2000 students. The school caters to a mix of new age (growing economy) and old traditional parents.



Founder was joined by his brother, who had a background in Software industry and was well exposed. He realized the importance of bringing in new Learner centric-methods into the school.

Being a school in Tier 3 town, finding local talent who would relate to this new form of thinking was difficult. The management were on a look out for external solution providers and their requirement was for Solutions which could work in small towns with available resources. They wanted the measurement of learning outcomes to help them evaluate the impact before and after taking the program. Above all they wanted the flexibility to customize to fit into budget.

How did Butterfly Fields Engage with this school?

After evaluating various offerings from the likes of Brain Café – Zee Learn, Iken Scientifica, Sunday Science School etc, they finalized on Butterfly Fields Program, which they found to be of closest to their requirements. They especially liked the feature of topic wise assessment which was available in the detailed workbook accompanying every kit. For 1000 students of Grades 4thto 10th, the teachers selected topics particularly in Science mapped to their text books. Students work on these projects in groups of 3 students. This initiative has been going on in the school since 2011.

What is the current status?

The school continues to be the sought after school of the region and is seen as a leader by the surrounding schools. Through the partnership with Butterfly fields, the management in demonstrated to the entire ecosystem of teachers, parents, staff the learner centric form of pedagogy. This was the first step in the beginning of the transformation of mindsets. After 4 years, there is a substantial shift and now the focus has entirely shifted from traditional methods of Rote to conceptual understanding & skills, which is Real learning.

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