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21st century STEM learning at as low as 500Rs. Per student

The fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) are being heavily encouraged in developed countries. Encouraging STEM growth in developing countries is even the more important because many new jobs are being created in the booming medicine, computer and IT industries worldwide. Educating students in these fields is going to bring tremendous growth to the nation’s economy and help get people out of poverty.


For a school to integrate a STEM program, providing a dedicated Space, with high CapEx & requirement to sign contracts for multiple years, with service providers without being sure of the efficacy are the different challenges. The high costs are because the players who are offering STEM solutions are importing the kits & superimposing the solutions designed for the developed nations for developing nations. This makes the imported solutions beyond reach of more than 99% of the schools.

Most suited STEM learning solution for the schools in developing countries

Butterflyfields – Modular Project Kits covering 400+ concepts

These S&M (part of STEM) solutions developed by Butterfly fields team, have been tried and tested by thousands of students over the past several years. So these kits are most suited for the Indian Schools systems (and also other developing nations). These solutions are modular and come in Sachets, akin to the Shampoo sachets!

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