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Science club

Schools looking to Strengthen their science club with minimum hassles

A leading school chain located in a tier 2 town in Central India, was looking for partners for enrichment programs for their children. The activities would be offered every 1st and 3rd Saturday. Various clubs were planned to promote “learning the fun way” for the children of Classes I to V, to give the children a chance to not only exhibit their talents but also to sensitize them about issues that are affecting their world.

Children were given the option to choose the club of their liking. Teachers would plan the curriculum and orchestrate their activities.


For the Science Club – Sourcing the material to carry out experiments & for project making was the biggest challenge in front of the teachers. No wonder, the science teachers had access to different experiments & activities through books and through you tube. But they needed help and support in sourcing the kits.

Also since this was an optional mode, the number of students interested was not known upfront. There was a minimum number of students to make it viable. Hence apart from sourcing, material stock keeping and kitting was something which was not their expertise.

How did Butterfly Fields Engage with this school?

A consultant to the school, during search came across the Butterfly fields project kits. These kits were self sufficient and the complete flexibility given to pick and chose different activities to design their own grade wise – Science Club theme was another advantage. The best part was that, there was assurance for minimum number of kits to be given. This was the most convenient part as the school was not in a position to assure the registrations upfront.

Apart from project kits, the curriculum had interspersed field visits including one to the science center and a science quiz and an exhibition. Happy with the complete flexibility and modularity, the school signed up with Butterfly fields as a partner for their Science Club.

For Enrolments

Science club

Butterfly fields, provided customized leaflets, detailing the program and the specific topic kits – grade wise. These leaflets were distributed to the parents by the school asking for enrolments before a deadline. Giving the list of activities in the leaflet further helped the school and the Science Club teachers as parents would have specific queries which were already addressed in the leaflet.

What is the current status?

A record 450 plus students (largest across all the clubs) had enrolled for the Science Activities. It remains one of the most popular clubs of the school since 3 years. For children, time really flies as their teachers involve them in one interesting activity after another. By the end of the term, they have every reason to feel proud of themselves for work well done!

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