Why gift this kit for your child?

Trigger Curiosity, instill Experimentation & inspire Innovation

Develop interest in Science and Technology

Enable 21st Century Skills – STEM learning

What you get?

New Theme Every Month!

Month - 1

Light & Its Mysteries

  • Make a Kaleidoscope & create beautiful patterns
  • Make a Projector & see science behind shadows

Month - 2

Our Amazing Solar System

  • Make model of earth, sun and moon to understand:
  • Formation of different phases of moon
  • Effect of rotation on Earth’s shape

Month - 3

How Stuff Works

  • Make & learn working of a Vacuum Cleaner
  • Make & learn working of a Parachute

Select Your Subscription Plan

3 Month Subscription

2 Engaging Kits/ Month

Rs. 1100  800 per month

Rs. 3300 2400 ( Save Rs 900)

6 Month Subscription

2 Engaging Kits/ Month

Rs. 1100 666 per month

Rs. 6600 3999( Save Rs 2601)

9 Month Subscription

2 Engaging Kits/ Month

Rs. 1100 550 per month

Rs. 9900 4950( Save Rs 4950)


“Understanding science is made easy, not only to the child but the parent as well.” – Vivek Joshi, Parent of Sanskruti
“He is having immense pleasure with the activities done.” – Parent of Madhav Mundra
Madhav Mundra
“She looks forward to the new activities and is very excited to try them at home” – Parent of Manya Mitta
Manya Mitta

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • When will I get my kit after ordering?
  • Products once ordered would be delivered to the Shipping Address within 7-11 business days
  • Can I cancel my subscription any time?
  • Yes, you can cancel a subscription any time. Your balance amount from the subscription will be refunded to your account within 10 business days after deducting for the delivered boxes at the price of one-month subscription.
  • Do you allow Cash on Delivery?
  • No. We will let you know once the option is available.
  • Is Shipping free? Do I have to pay any additional charges?
    Shipping is absolutely free. You don’t have to pay anything extra. We ship across India.
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