Table of 5

Table of 5
Table of 5

Table of 5 Throughout secondary and higher education, a multiplication table of 5 is often used while solving multiplication, division, and other mathematics problems. Understanding the 5 table pattern will aid in speedier calculations. The multiplication table of 5 is formed by repeated addition by the number 5, and the fun aspect is that every possible multiple is 5 and 0, making the table more fascinating to memorize.

Learning the Math table of 5 is simple if you memorize it as a poem. Make your child master the 5 tables from this page and watch them answer math problems in seconds.

Worksheet on Table of 5:


Solving the table of 5 worksheets will help you learn multiplication facts for the 5 times tables. The questions below will enable you to memorize the table of 5.

Q. Are all multiples Table of 5 odd ?

Ans. No, the pattern of Table of 5 is Odd and Even Numbers and so….on

Q. What is the trick to remember Table of 5?

Ans. The Table of 5 repeats the pattern of 5 and 0 at the end.

Q. Using Table of 5 evaluate 5 times 4 minus 5?

Ans: First, we will write 5 times 4 minus 5 mathematically. 5 times 5 minus 5 = 5 × 4 – 5 = 20 – 5 =15 Hence, 5 times 4 minus 5 is 15.

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