Teach animal shelters & about their young ones using a lock-and-key based board game

  • An exciting board game on the world of animals to relate animals with their young ones.
  • Learn about the shelters of different animals, what they are called and how they look.
  • Learn about insects and their names.

Animalia Universe

Insects and Animals – the two broadest divisions of most living creatures that inhabit land – are part of two separate kingdoms (the former a part of the ‘Arthropod’ family and the latter ‘Animalia’). While arthropod is Greek for joint+foot and Animal in Latin is animalis, meaning heaving breath, soul or living being. With around 7.7 million species of animals and around 1 million identified insect species, they are quite populated! You would be surprised to know there are predicted to be around 24 billion animals in the world and the ratio of insects to humans is 200 million to one!!

But where do all of these animals live? How do they care for their young ones? What are a few common names of these species? Look no further! Butterfly Edufields’ Do-It-Yourself activity answers all of your 2nd grader’s questions in enjoyable detail!

The Animals – Their shelter and Young Ones kit consists of the following activities:

  • Your child will get to play an exciting board game on the world of animals to relate animals with their young ones.
  • Students will learn about the shelters of different animals, what they are called and how they look.
  • Students will learn about insects and their names

Encapsulate the world of animals and insects in this wonderful kit and enlighten your child with hands-on learning skills that will aid their educational and personal growth to inquisitive, practical and perseverant young ones!

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