Teach counting by grouping using sticks & demonstrate how grouping makes counting easier

  • Use counting sticks to count objects.
  • Learn counting by grouping & understand how grouping makes counting things easier.

Five, Six, pick up the sticks!

Counting – the most basic and implementable activity of all of Math – is quite an enjoyable experience for children when they are introduced to it with the help of interactive, practical and hands-on methods! The Counting in Groups kit for all 1st grade students does just that – and with a high enjoyability quotient at that! This kit is for all students who are beginners at Math and whose parents aim to develop their children’s true, firm and perseverant grip on the subject of Math for future years as well – because as we all know, the strength of the foundation is very crucial for later construction!

The Counting in Groups kit consists of the following activities for your student:

  • We teach your child how to use counting sticks to count objects
  • Your child will learn counting by grouping & further understand how grouping can make counting things much easier

Healthy, harmonious, enjoyable, educational, and student-friendly: That defines this activity in a nutshell! By implementing this activity, your child will soon carve a niche in the field of Mathematics by developing their understanding of the subject on a basic and elementary level, in addition to enriching their knowledge, hands-on abilities and practical knowledge!

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