Channel your kid's creative energy

80+ DIY projects to start with & Unlimited possibilities to give life to their every crazy idea !!

Enable the Thinker-Doer in your child

Kids Collage | Tinker Lab @Home

100+ hours of engagement – Build Electric powered Car, Walking Robot, Catapult Shooter, Gun, Electronic Sensor Water Alarm system, Wooden Gears, Geared Motor Car, Squishy electric Circuits, Monster trucks & many more…

Designed By Experts & Tested by Kids

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Fun Building & Construction

Enables Hands-on Learning & Guided Discovery

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Creative Exploration

Encourages a Tinkering & Problem Solving Mindset

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Easy & Convenient

Ideas, Materials & Mechanisms, we have got them all covered

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Working Models

Create real, functional everyday gadgets & machines you love

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Join 15,000+ happy parents across 5 countries enabling innovation for their kids

Get Support throughout the journey 🙂

We got you covered with Instruction Videos, Orientation Sessions & Trouble shooting whenever required

Join Community of like-minded kids & parents

Share your prototypes & Get  Inspired from others Tinkerers | Participate & Solve Challenges

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


This kit is is to develop your child’s creativity and imagination with open ended play .  We  want to create a place in your home where your  child can actually can go from inspiration, idea to solutions & making things.

how many activities will we be able to do with this kit?

This kit is specifically designed for open ended experimentation. We have given list of 80+ projects you can get started with. Once your child gets a hang of the basic system of play & mechanisms, they can go on to create unlimited working models based on your creativity and imagination.

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