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100+ hours of engagement | 80+ projects to build !!

Walking Bot

Make your own simple walking  bot with the geared motor. Give your bot a human like feel

Motor Car

Make your own simple car using the geared motor. Observe the significance of power on the back wheels and direction on the front wheels.

Let's make some waves

Observe and experience the formation of waves created by a string vibrating at a certain frequency 

Crazy Bug

Sometimes off centered things also help us . Did you know that’s how phones vibrate. Enjoy the vibrating bug and understand the science behind it. 

Mini Vacuum Cleaner

Want to keep your study table clean from the fine dust? Why not make your own mini-vacuum cleaner and also understand the science behind it.

Hit the Brakes

Explore how forces of friction are used in disk breaks to get vehicles on road come to a halt 

Move from Idea to Prototype in just 5 mins

Designed by Experts Tested by kids!!


Hands-on learning & Discovery


Encourages a Tinkering mindset


Everything needed to build, Explore & learn - delivered


Create real, functional Everyday objects you love

Gift the Joy of Tinkering !

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Tinker Lab at Home for 6+ year olds | Rs. 3999/-

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Join 15,000+ happy parents across 5 countries enabling innovation for their kids



This kit is is to develop your child’s creativity and imagination with open ended play .  We  want to create a place in your home where your  child can actually can go from inspiration, idea to solutions & making things. Be a DOER

how many activities will
be able to do with this kit?

This kit is specifically designed to build unlimited activities based on your creativity and imagination.

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