Top ranked CBSE school

Top ranked CBSE school looking for new Innovative value additions for their curriculum

A well established & leading CBSE school in a Tier 1 city of India operated in an expanding zone and catered to middle income segment. It had an increasing proportion of new age parents who were looking for stuff beyond regular academics for their children.

The school was looking for partnering with external service providers rather than burdening their teachers. Management knew that convincing the parents for an additional fee was not a constraint, but the management was keen to partner with committed service providers.

How did Butterfly Fields Engage with this school?

The school had come across a leaflet regarding Innovative Programs being conducted by a company founded by IIT / IIM Alumni.

It invited Butterfly fields to conduct summer workshop in the school. Being a large school – with over 1800 students, the expectation was to get at least 50 students. The initial turnout was of only 3 students, yet the team at Butterfly fields showed their commitment and conducted the workshops without any effect to their zeal and enthusiasm. The three students of the summer workshop were so excited that they brought in their friends and relatives and the next batch was of 40 plus students and it was a big hit. Students had great fun.

Why did the management take up the Program for their school and not leave it as a Vacation program?

The management and teachers observed that the so called dull students (back benchers) of the class were highly engaged and were responding very well. Topics which were often dry and difficult especially, those in Algebra, Physics were better handled with live working models and activities. Teachers also found the questions, given at the end of every activity sheet as additional practice for students – in the area HOTS. Click here to see list of class-wise projects mapped to CBSE curriculum.

Students of class 6 highly engaged and were responding very well – Butterflyfields

This led the management to consider integrating this program as part of the curriculum for grades 3rd to 8th. The parents were informed about the new program and hike in fee to accommodate it was an easy sail. Being convinced about the effectiveness and the liking of the students the school infact dedicated over 800 sft of space for an Innovation center.

800 sqft Innovation Center Setup @Sanghamitra – Butterflyfields Partner School

What is the current status?

The school continues to be the top ranked CBSE school in the Southern Zone. Over 800 students across 5 grades take this program every year and the school has been a patron since last 7 years. The school also had one of its student represent it in the National CBSE Science Competition in the finals and the effort was highly appreciated by the jury.

Every month, from August to February (except for December) each class gets to do 2 Topics in a Hands on way. Children get to take the models back with them to their homes. Click here to see components of a sample project kit.

Hands On Learning Year Calendar @Sanghamitra – Butterflyfields Partner School

Best 5 projects every term are marked and they are made part of the Formative Assessment. This makes the students, also take it seriously and teachers are able to get maximize the outcomes through these workshops. This school has strongly recommended it to many budding schools and over 20 schools have taken these programs in the last 7 years. It had also invited many schools to come and visit and see their implementation and share their process.

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