What children expect from their parents?

What is parenting? When does parenting start? Parenting starts when there is a plan for it and it involves not just bringing up the child but also providing care for that child. ‘What am I responsible for as a parent?’ Most parents instinctively know the answer to this question, but just need someone to justify their instincts.

Parenting is an everlasting balancing act– striving to find that balance between doing too much and doing too little for your child or giving reactions that are not too harsh but not too soft either. It may feel like a circus sometimes and there can be several balancing acts going on at the same time. You, however, are the expert on your child and get to make your own decisions about how to parent in a way that teaches him/her to be independent and accountable while also being loving and respectful to your child and their needs.

What are the challenges to parenting? Possibly, today’s technology has made the parent-child relationship difficult. Nowadays, most parents are bombarded with mixed messages about how to parent the right way. It’s easy to buy into advice from the relatives, and other parents and start to worry that we’re doing something wrong. Parents often compare themselves with others- feeling judged and criticized by them. One of the most important ways to clear through all the confusion of advice, guilt, and comparisons to others is to understand what you are and aren’t responsible for when it comes to raising your child.

What children do and do not expect from their parents? On a broader scale, children expect from their parents to- encourage them when they see them at good behaviour, let them take some risk and fight their own battles, take out some time and attend activities they are involved in to make them feel special, understand that they don’t intend to make your angry and they don’t like being on your bad side either, remember all their achievements and accomplishments, spend time with them get to know them better, regard and respect their opinions. Few things children do not expect from their parents can be-not to keep adding on punishments and grounding them at all times, not to set unrealistic goals, not to be overprotective if they don’t make mistake’s they don’t learn from their mistakes.

What are children’s deeper expectations of parents? Do you really understand your child’s deeper motivations? Joseph W. Gauld describes, “parents tend to see childrearing only through their own eyes, not through the child’s.” Parents need to develop children at an even deeper level. Help them realize their best, prepare them for self-sufficiency. This can be the groundwork for a deep lifelong parent-child relationship. Do not control your child, they have their own free will and will act on their own accord, whatever suits their self-interest.
Along with this, remember that it is not necessary for you to give lengthy explanations of your decisions. For instance, ‘it’s your responsibility’ is enough explanation for telling your child it’s homework time. Parents are not only caretakers, but they are influential in the development of their child’s social, emotional, cognitive and physical well-being.

Parenting is quite similar to a roller coaster ride. There will be instances when your child is doing well and times when your child is really struggling. You can focus on finding positive ways to cope and look for something innovative to try to help your child effectively. Remind yourself that the ups and downs in a parent-child relationship are natural, it’s just the way the ride goes sometimes.


Author- Joseph W. Gauld

Year- 2017

Article Title- What Are Children’s Deeper Expectations of Parents?

Website Title- HuffPost

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